Join us as we expose real city history and debunk widespread misconceptions about topics in our past that are routinely taken for granted. We will explore the secretive, scandalous and gritty history that this city doesn’t want you to hear.

Full tour lineup will be available May 2017.

downtown deconstructed

Sneak peek available exclusively for The Breakout Project ticket holders.
Arrive at HIPSTORY HQ on May 11 between 2-10 PM with your The Breakout Project pass to experience Downtown Deconstructed. First come first serve.
Participate in challenges and experience the cool and gritty history of Kingston. 

Downtown deconstructed

Experience this city in a new light, daylight. Take a fully customizable tour of downtown Kingston as you learn about the scandals and secrets that they’ve been trying to hide from you. Take a closer look into the historic sites and spaces that people often look at without giving a second thought.

Full tour available in July 2017.

Catch a sneak peek 45 minute version of this tour in collaboration with The Breakout Project on May 11, 2017.